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Maeda Coral Reef



Cape Maeda (5-minute walk from Akachichi)

真栄田岬  (あかちちから徒歩5分)

Sunrise from Cape Maeda


"Jaaneh" Beach (10-minute walk from Akachichi Guesthouse)

​じゃねービーチ (あかちちから徒歩10分)

Maeda is the ideal place for your vacation. While maintaining a traditional and laid-back lifestyle, it is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Okinawa's coastline with Cape Maeda and the "Blue Cave" right at your doorstep. The sea is filled with vivid colors of fish and coral that will surely stimulate your senses. On land, you will find green sugarcane fields and forested hills, where you can also enjoy peaceful walks and amazing views. Although the summer months bring many tourists, it is still easy to find areas of solitude. Maeda also offers a few cafes and restaurants within walking distance from Akachichi Guesthouse. If you are willing to drive a vehicle, there are several very good restaurants within a 15-minute car ride. The village store, "Maeda Baiten," is not only a place to purchase drinks, food, and necessities, but it also provides an opportunity to meet and interact with locals.


Cape Maeda walking course



Maeda Village



Maeda farm road walking course


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